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We have found another way to reduce our wasted wax!

This is perfect for wax melt lovers!

Last year we had a nightmare when we were hit with a supply of wax which was unsuitable for candle production. As you can guess we had already produced candles with it… quite a lot actually. We were concerned about the loss of materials, the costs to our business and how we would overcome this issue. One thing we have learnt though is that if you look hard enough you can find a solution in there somewhere.

As we are always looking to cut down on the waste we produce and increase the amount of materials that we can reuse, we have for a temporary supply of a new product for you in the middle of all this trouble.

We would like to introduce our Bits ‘N’ Pieces Wax Bags.

Each of these wax bags is filled with highly scented wax which can’t be used in a candle but is perfect to use in a wax melter or suitable oil burner. Each bag contains over 10% more wax than our standard wax melts. It is packaged in a recyclable paper bag and would otherwise have been thrown away rather than being used and enjoyed.

Each bag is over 20% cheaper than our wax melts, meaning more fragrance for less money.

We have a limited supply of wax that will be used for our Bits ‘N’ Pieces Wax Bags, when it is gone, it is gone. Thank you for supporting our business and helping to reduce the waste we produce.

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